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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015A novel collaborative approach for sinkhole detection in MANETsSánchez-Casado, L.; Maciá-Fernández, G.; García-Teodoro, P.; Aschenbruck, N. 
2017A Privacy Preserving Mobile Crowdsensing Architecture for a Smart Farming ApplicationHuning, L.; Bauer, J.; Aschenbruck, N. 
2012A security architecture and modular intrusion detection system for WSNsAschenbruck, N. ; Bauer, J.; Bieling, J.; Bothe, A. ; Schwamborn, M.
2017Accelerating Yield Mapping at Low Data Rates Using Compressive Field EstimateHanel, T.; Aschenbruck, N. 
2016Adding a Network Coding Extension to CoAP for Large Resource TransferSchütz, B.; Aschenbruck, N. 
2017Adjustable security for RFID-equipped IoT devicesHanel, T.; Bothe, A. ; Helmke, R.; Gericke, C.; Aschenbruck, N. 
2020An Open Source IoT Framework for a Distributed Modular Low-cost Laser-based Sensing PlatformBauer, J.; Toschke, Y.; Tessmer, A.; Bourdon, B.; Aschenbruck, N. ; Imlau, M. 
2014An UHF RFID performance evaluation architecture based on traces from a software defined transceiverBothe, A. ; Schraeder, C.; Aschenbruck, N. 
2012Applicability of crypto-based security approaches in tactical wireless multi-hop networksAschenbruck, N. ; Gerhards-Padilla, E.; Lambertz, M.
2020BonnMotion 4 - Taking Mobility Generation to the Next LevelBothe, A. ; Aschenbruck, N. 
2019CAN't - An ISOBUS Privacy Proxy for Collaborative Smart FarmingHelmke, R.; Bauer, J.; Bothe, A. ; Aschenbruck, N. 
2019CAN't track us: Adaptable privacy for ISOBUS controller area networksBauer, Jan; Helmke, Rene; Bothe, Alexander ; Aschenbruck, Nils 
2012Changing trends in modeling mobilityMunjal, A.; Camp, T.; Aschenbruck, N. 
2020CryptoCAN - Ensuring Confidentiality in Controller Area Networks for AgricultureZimmermann, T.; Bauer, J.; Aschenbruck, N. 
2022Decentralizing loT Public-Key Storage using Distributed Ledger TechnologyDreyer, J.; Tonjes, R.; Aschenbruck, N. 
2018Design and implementation of an agricultural monitoring system for smart farmingBauer, J.; Aschenbruck, N. 
2022Developing a Scalable Network of High-Interaction Threat Intelligence Sensors for IoT SecurityZimmermann, T.; Lanfer, E.; Aschenbruck, N. 
2014Editorial from the SCENES Special Issue Guest EditorsAschenbruck, Nils ; Camp, Tracy
2021Enhancing adaptive frequency hopping for bluetooth low energyMast, J.; Hanel, T.; Aschenbruck, N. 
2017Enhancing privacy for passive UHF RFID using an SDR-based reactive jammerBothe, A. ; Helmke, R.; Aschenbruck, N.