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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021AGB-Recht im unternehmerischen Rechtsverkehr : Kommentar zu den §§ 305-310 BGB mit Klauselteil, Erläuterungen zur Rechtswahl und Länderberichten
2019Algorithmic Regulation and (Im)perfect Enforcement in the Personalized EconomyBusch, Christoph 
2016Crowdsourcing Consumer Confidence. How to Regulate Online Rating and Review Systems in the Collaborative EconomyBusch, Christoph 
2016Discussion Draft of a Directive on Online Intermediary PlatformsBusch, Christoph ; Dannemann, Gerhard; Schulte-Nölke, Hans ; Wiewiórowska-Domagalska, Aneta; Zoll, Fryderyk 
2018Does the Amazon Dash Button Violate EU Consumer Law? Balancing Consumer Protection and Technological Innovation in the Internet of ThingsBusch, Christoph 
2010Ein Werkzeugkasten für das Europäische Privatrecht?Bar, Christian 
2010EU Compendium - Fundamental rights and private law: A practical tool for judgesBusch, C. ; Schulte-Nölke, H. 
2012From a Horizontal Instrument to a Common European Sales LawBusch, Christoph ; Domröse, Ronny
2023From Algorithmic Transparency to Algorithmic Choice: European Perspectives on Recommender Systems and Platform RegulationBusch, Christoph 
2018Granular Legal Norms: Big Data and the Personalization of Private LawBusch, Christoph ; Franceschi, Alberto De
2018Granular legal norms: Big data and the personalization of private lawBusch, C. ; de Franceschi, A.
2022Granular Property Law: Recalibrating Optimal Standardization of Property Rights in the Internet of ThingsBusch, Christoph 
2016Identification of Gaps and Gap-Filling under the Common European Sales Law – A Model for Uniform Law Instruments?Busch, Christoph 
2019Implementing Personalized Law: Personalized Disclosures in Consumer Law and Data Privacy LawBusch, Christoph 
2018Implementing Personalized Law: Personalized Disclosures in Consumer Law and Privacy LawBusch, Christoph 
2015Legal Expressions of Urgency in Comparative Perspective: The Translation of Temporal Adverbials in the DCFRBusch, Christoph 
2021Putting the Digital Services Act into Context: Bridging the Gap between EU Consumer Law and Platform RegulationBusch, Christoph ; Mak, Vanessa
2019Regulating Airbnb in Germany – Status Quo and Future TrendsBusch, Christoph 
2021Rethinking Product Liability Rules for Online Marketplaces: A Comparative PerspectiveBusch, Christoph 
2017Secondary Liability for Open Wireless Networks in Germany: Balancing Regulation and Innovation in the Digital EconomyBusch, Christoph