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2019Book-Seams in the Hexateuch I. The Literary Transitions between the Books of Genesis/Exodus and Joshua/JudgesHagedorn, Anselm C. 
2021HistoriographyHagedorn, A.C. 
2019Myth and History: Small Writings IIIHagedorn, Anselm C. 
2019Perspectives: Biblical Texts and NarratologyHagedorn, Anselm C. 
2020Religiöse Differenzen gestalten: hermeneutische Grundlagen des christlich-muslimischen GesprächsArslan, Hakki ; Bernhard, Reinhard; Eckholt, Margit ; El Mallouki, Habib ; Etzelmüller, Gregor ; Fischer, Irmtraud; Göbel, Annika; Griggs, Jennifer; Güneş, Merdan ; Hagedorn, Anselm ; Körner, Felix; Mansour, Ahmad; Middelbeck-Varwick, Anja; Parzinger, Severin; Pecina, Björn; Ralston, Joshua; Rüdel, Anne Danielle; Shehata, Adam; Siebenrock, Roman A.; Takim, Abdullah; Weiße, Wolfram
2023THE BIBLE AND GREEK LITERATURE - (R.E.) Gmirkin Plato's <i>Timaeus</i> and the Biblical Creation Accounts. Cosmic Monotheism and Terrestrial Polytheism in the Primordial History. Pp. xvi 344. London and New York: Routledge, 2022. Cased, £120, US$160. ISBN: 978-1-032-02082-2.Hagedorn, Anselm C. 
2018The Formation of the Pentateuch: Bridging the Academic Cultures of Europe, Israel, and North AmericaHagedorn, Anselm C. 
2018The Way of Lovers: The Oxford Anonymous Commentary on the Song of Songs (Bodleian Library, MS Opp. 625). An Edition of the Hebrew Text, with English Translation and IntroductionHagedorn, Anselm C. 
2020Translating Empire: Tell Fekheriyeh, Deuteronomy, and the Akkadian Treaty Tradition.Hagedorn, Anselm C.