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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007A diffusive SI model with Allee effect and application to FIVHilker, Frank M.; Langlais, Michel; Petrovskii, Sergei V.; Malchow, Horst 
1999A minimal model of pattern formation in a prey-predator systemPetrovskii, SV; Malchow, H 
1999A new explanation of plankton patchy spatial distributionPetrovskii, SV; Vinogradov, ME; Malchow, H 
2020A type IV functional response with different shapes in a predator-prey modelKoenke, Merlin C.; Siekmann, Ivo; Seno, Hiromi; Malchow, Horst 
2005An exact solution of a diffusive predator-prey systemPetrovskii, S; Malchow, H ; Li, BL
2008An extension of the Beretta-Kuang model of viral diseasesSiekmann, Ivo; Malchow, Horst ; Venturino, Ezio
2007Beyond Bt resistance of pests in the context of population dynamical complexityMedvinsky, Alexander B.; Gonik, Maria M.; Li, Bai-Lian; Malchow, Horst 
2001Biological factors underlying regularity and chaos in aquatic ecosystems: Simple models of complex dynamicsMedvinsky, AB; Petrovskii, SV; Tikhonov, DA; Tikhonova, IA; Ivanitsky, GR; Venturino, E; Malchow, H 
2001Chaos and fractals in fish school motionTikhonov, DA; Enderlein, J ; Malchow, H ; Medvinsky, AB
2003Chaos and fractals in fish school motion, IITikhonov, DA; Malchow, H 
2001Chaos and regular dynamics in model multi-habitat plankton-fish communitiesMedvinsky, AB; Petrovskii, SV; Tikhonova, IA; Venturino, E; Malchow, H 
2017Coexistence of competitors mediated by nonlinear noiseSiekmann, Ivo; Bengfort, Michael ; Malchow, Horst 
2011Competition and diffusive invasion in a noisy environmentMalchow, Horst ; James, Alex; Brown, Richard
2007Constructive effects of environmental noise in an excitable prey-predator plankton system with infected preySieber, Michael; Malchow, Horst ; Schimansky-Geier, Lutz
2012Containment strategies of epidemic invasionsMigliori, Dario; Malchow, Horst ; Venturino, Ezio
2013Control of Competitive BioinvasionMalchow, Horst ; James, Alex; Brown, Richard
2000Critical phenomena in plankton communities: KISS model revisitedPetrovskii, S.V.; Malchow, H. 
2019Disease-induced chaos, coexistence, oscillations, and invasion failure in a competition-model with strong Allee effectKoehnke, M. C.; Malchow, H. 
2014Disease-induced modification of prey competition in eco-epidemiological modelsSieber, Michael; Malchow, Horst ; Hilker, Frank M.
2002Dynamical stabilization of an unstable equilibrium in chemical and biological systemsMalchow, H ; Petrovskii, SV