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2010A Simple Accounting-Based Valuation Model for the Debt Tax ShieldScholze, Andreas 
2021Asymmetric taxation, limited liability, and agency conflictsSchneider, Georg; Scholze, Andreas ; Meissner, Fabian
2007Depreciation and impairment. A tradeoff in a stewardship settingScholze, Andreas ; Wielenberg, Stefan
2016Finance Behind the Veil of MoneyScholze, Andreas 
2016Informationsverarbeitung in Prognosen : experimentelle EvidenzRobert, Sebastian
2015Mandatory Disclosure, Generation of Decision-Relevant Information, and Market EntrySchneider, Georg T.; Scholze, Andreas 
2011Segment Disclosure Under the Management Approach: The Impact of Proprietary Costs on Internal Reporting DecisionsScholze, Andreas ; Schneider, Georg
2015The Combined Impact of Asymmetric Taxation and Limited Liability on Optimal CompensationMeißner, Fabian; Schneider, Georg; Scholze, Andreas 
2014Vergleichende Analyse verschiedener Ausprägungen einer erhöhten Besteuerung von BonuszahlungenMeißner, Fabian; Schneider, Georg; Scholze, Andreas