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2011A polynomial-time algorithm for a flow-shop batching problem with equal-length operationsBrucker, Peter; Shakhlevich, Natalia V. 
2004Complexity results for flow-shop and open-shop scheduling problems with transportation delaysBrucker, P; Knust, S ; Cheng, TCE; Shakhlevich, NV 
2016Complexity results for storage loading problems with stacking constraintsBruns, Florian; Knust, Sigrid ; Shakhlevich, Natalia V. 
2009Inverse scheduling with maximum lateness objectiveBrucker, Peter; Shakhlevich, Natalia V. 
2011Inverse scheduling: two-machine flow-shop problemBrucker, Peter; Shakhlevich, Natalia V. 
2016Necessary and sufficient optimality conditions for scheduling unit time jobs on identical parallel machinesBrucker, Peter; Shakhlevich, Natalia V. 
2013Tabu search and lower bounds for a combined production-transportation problemCondotta, Alessandro; Knust, Sigrid ; Meier, Dimitri; Shakhlevich, Natalia V.