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2019A versatile remote control system for functional expression of bacterial virulence genes based on the tetA promoterSchulte, Marc; Sterzenbach, Torsten ; Miskiewicz, Katarzyna; Elpers, Laura; Hensel, Michael ; Hansmeier, Nicole
2017Functional expression of the entire adhesiome of Salmonella enterica serotype TyphimuriumHansmeier, Nicole; Miskiewicz, Katarzyna; Elpers, Laura; Liss, Viktoria; Hensel, Michael ; Sterzenbach, Torsten 
2019Std fimbriae-fucose interaction increases Salmonella-induced intestinal inflammation and prolongs colonizationSuwandi, Abdulhadi; Galeev, Alibek; Riedel, Rene; Sharma, Samriti; Seeger, Katrin; Sterzenbach, Torsten ; Garcia Pastor, Lucia; Boyle, Erin C.; Gal-Mor, Ohad; Hensel, Michael ; Casadesus, Josep; Baines, John F.; Grassl, Guntram A.