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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012A Context and Content Reflection on Business-IT Alignment ResearchParappallil, John Joe; Zarvic, Novica; Thomas, Oliver 
2011A query-driven approach for checking the semantic correctness of ontology-based process representationsFellmann, M.; Thomas, O. ; Busch, B.
2014A theory of practice modelling - Elicitation of model pragmatics in dependence to human actionsBittmann, S.; Thomas, O. 
2014A theory of practice modelling - Elicitation of model pragmatics in dependence to human actions.Bittmann, Sebastian; Thomas, Oliver 
2018Acceptance by design: Towards an acceptable smart glasses-based information system based on the example of cycling trainingBerkemeier, L.; Menzel, L.; Remark, F.; Thomas, O. 
2018Adapting Product-Service System Methods for the Digital Era: Requirements for Smart PSS EngineeringHagen, Simon; Kammler, Friedemann; Thomas, Oliver 
2020Adapting the CO2-Compass Architecture to Further Optimize Data Generation Methods - Enhancing CO2 Emission Forecasts by Minimizing the Area of ObservationHüer, Lucas; Fischer, Helge; Lawrenz, Sebastian; Pfisterer, Hans-Jürgen; Thomas, Oliver 
2014Additional information in Business processes: A pattern-based integration of natural language artefactsBittmann, S.; Metzger, D.; Fellmann, M.; Thomas, O. 
2014Additional Information in Business Processes: A Pattern-Based Integration of Natural Language Artefacts.Bittmann, Sebastian; Metzger, Dirk; Fellmann, Michael; Thomas, Oliver 
2019„Agile“ – Nur ein Buzzword?Barenkamp, Marco; Thomas, Oliver ; Zarvic, Novica
2018Akzeptanz von Smart Glasses für die Aus- und WeiterbildungBerkemeier, Lisa; Niemöller, Christina; Metzger, Dirk; Thomas, Oliver 
2013An argumentative approach of conceptual modelling and model validation through theory buildingBittmann, S.; Thomas, O. 
2011An integrated approach for teaching professionals IT management and IT consultingBoehm, M.; Stolze, C.; Breitschwerdt, R.; Zarvie, N.; Thomas, O. 
2011An Integrated Approach for Teaching Professionals IT Management and IT ConsultingBoehm, Matthias; Stolze, Carl; Breitschwerdt, Rüdiger; Zarvic, Novica; Thomas, Oliver 
2010An ontology-driven approach to support semantic verification in business process modelingFellmann, M.; Hogrebe, F.; Thomas, O. ; Nüttgens, M.
2016Analyzing mHealth projects in developing countriesNiemöller, C.; Metzger, D.; Berkemeier, L.; Thomas, O. 
2020Anwendungspotenziale von Additive Repair und Refurbishment für Service-orientierte GeschäftsmodelleBrinker, Jonas; Gembarski, Paul Christoph; Hagen, Simon; Thomas, Oliver 
2020Applications of AI in classical software engineeringBarenkamp, Marco; Rebstadt, Jonas; Thomas, Oliver 
2018Audit Cloud Adoption by German Audit FirmsLanghein, Johannes; Thomas, Oliver 
2018Audit cloud adoption by German audit firmsLanghein, J.; Thomas, O.