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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Molecular dissection of ceramide-induced apoptosis using bifunctional lipid analogsBockelmann, S. ; Mina, J.; Jain, A.; Ehring, K.; Korneev, S. ; Holthuis, J. C. M.
2011Molecular interactions of archazolid with the V-ATPaseBockelmann, Svenja 
2012Synthesis and biological evaluation of a water-soluble derivative of the potent V-ATPase inhibitor archazolidPersch, Elke; Basile, Teodora; Bockelmann, Svenja ; Huss, Markus ; Wieczorek, Helmut ; Carlomagno, Teresa; Menche, Dirk 
2012Understanding the Inhibitory Effect of Highly Potent and Selective Archazolides Binding to the Vacuolar ATPaseDreisigacker, Sandra; Latek, Dorota; Bockelmann, Svenja ; Huss, Markus ; Wieczorek, Helmut ; Filipek, Slawomir; Gohlke, Holger; Menche, Dirk ; Carlomagno, Teresa
2011Vacuolar H+-ATPases: Intra- and intermolecular interactionsHuss, Markus ; Vitavska, Olga ; Albertmelcher, Andrea; Bockelmann, Svenja ; Nardmann, Christin; Tabke, Katharina ; Tiburcy, Felix ; Wieczorek, Helmut