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2022Cooperative Behavior Evokes Interbrain Synchrony in the Prefrontal and Temporoparietal Cortex: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of fNIRS Hyperscanning StudiesCzeszumski, Artur ; Liang, Sophie Hsin-Yi; Dikker, Suzanne; Koenig, Peter ; Lee, Chin-Pang; Koole, Sander L.; Kelsen, Brent
2021Coordinating With a Robot Partner Affects Action Monitoring Related Neural ProcessingCzeszumski, Artur ; Keshava, Ashima ; König, Peter 
2021Coordinating With a Robot Partner Affects Neural Processing Related to Action MonitoringCzeszumski, Artur ; Gert, Anna L.; Keshava, Ashima ; Ghadirzadeh, Ali; Kalthoff, Tilman; Ehinger, V, Benedikt; Tiessen, Max; Bjorkman, Marten; Kragic, Danica; Koenig, Peter 
2020Dyadic and triadic search: Benefits, costs, and predictors of group performanceWahn, Basil ; Czeszumski, Artur ; Labusch, Melanie; Kingstone, Alan; Koenig, Peter 
2021#EEGManyLabs: Investigating the replicability of influential EEG experimentsPavlov, Y.G.; Adamian, N.; Appelhoff, S.; Arvaneh, M.; Benwell, C.S.Y.; Beste, C.; Bland, A.R.; Bradford, D.E.; Bublatzky, F.; Busch, N.A.; Clayson, P.E.; Cruse, D.; Czeszumski, A. ; Dreber, A.; Dumas, G.; Ehinger, B. ; Ganis, G.; He, X.; Hinojosa, J.A.; Huber-Huber, C.; Inzlicht, M.; Jack, B.N.; Johannesson, M.; Jones, R.; Kalenkovich, E.; Kaltwasser, L.; Karimi-Rouzbahani, H.; Keil, A.; König, P. ; Kouara, L.; Kulke, L.; Ladouceur, C.D.; Langer, N.; Liesefeld, H.R.; Luque, D.; MacNamara, A.; Mudrik, L.; Muthuraman, M.; Neal, L.B.; Nilsonne, G.; Niso, G.; Ocklenburg, S.; Oostenveld, R.; Pernet, C.R.; Pourtois, G.; Ruzzoli, M.; Sass, S.M.; Schaefer, A.; Senderecka, M.; Snyder, J.S.; Tamnes, C.K.; Tognoli, E.; van Vugt, M.K.; Verona, E.; Vloeberghs, R.; Welke, D.; Wessel, J.R.; Zakharov, I.; Mushtaq, F.
2022Evidence for the embodiment of the automatic approach biasSolzbacher, Johannes; Czeszumski, Artur ; Walter, Sven ; Koenig, Peter 
2020Hyperscanning: A Valid Method to Study Neural Inter-brain Underpinnings of Social InteractionCzeszumski, Artur ; Eustergerling, Sara; Lang, Anne; Menrath, David; Gerstenberger, Michael; Schuberth, Susanne; Schreiber, Felix; Rendon, Zadkiel Zuluaga; Koenig, Peter 
2021Let Me Make You Happy, and I'll Tell You How You Look Around: Using an Approach-Avoidance Task as an Embodied Emotion Prime in a Free-Viewing TaskCzeszumski, Artur ; Albers, Friederike; Walter, Sven ; Koenig, Peter 
2020Let Me Make You Happy, And I’ll Tell You How you look around: Using an Approach-Avoidance Task as an Embodied Mood Prime in a Free-Viewing TaskCzeszumski, Artur ; Albers, Friederike; Walter, Sven ; König, Peter 
2018Performance similarities predict collective benefits in dyadic and triadic joint visual searchWahn, Basil ; Czeszumski, Artur ; Koenig, Peter 
2022Talking Cars, Doubtful Users-A Population Study in Virtual RealityDerakhshan, Shadi; Nezami, Farbod Nosrat; Wachter, Maximilian Alexander; Czeszumski, Artur ; Keshava, Ashima ; Lukanov, Hristofor; De Palol, Marc Vidal; Pipa, Gordon ; Koenig, Peter 
2019The Social Situation Affects How We Process Feedback About Our ActionsCzeszumski, Artur ; Ehinger, V, Benedikt; Wahn, Basil ; Koenig, Peter 
2018The social situation affects how we process feedback about our actionsCzeszumski, Artur ; Ehinger, Benedikt V. ; Wahn, Basil ; König, Peter 
2021Verbally mediated cooperation is consistently associated with inter-brain synchrony in frontal and temporoparietal areas: A mini-review and meta-analysisCzeszumski, Artur ; Sh, Liang; Dikker, Suzanne; König, Peter ; C, Lee; Kelsen, Brent Allan