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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Talking Cars, Doubtful Users-A Population Study in Virtual RealityDerakhshan, Shadi; Nezami, Farbod Nosrat; Wachter, Maximilian Alexander; Czeszumski, Artur ; Keshava, Ashima ; Lukanov, Hristofor; De Palol, Marc Vidal; Pipa, Gordon ; Koenig, Peter 
2019The Social Situation Affects How We Process Feedback About Our ActionsCzeszumski, Artur ; Ehinger, V, Benedikt; Wahn, Basil ; Koenig, Peter 
2018The social situation affects how we process feedback about our actionsCzeszumski, Artur ; Ehinger, Benedikt V. ; Wahn, Basil ; König, Peter 
2021Verbally mediated cooperation is consistently associated with inter-brain synchrony in frontal and temporoparietal areas: A mini-review and meta-analysisCzeszumski, Artur ; Sh, Liang; Dikker, Suzanne; König, Peter ; C, Lee; Kelsen, Brent Allan