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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Reciprocal Fitness Feedbacks Promote the Evolution of Mutualistic CooperationPreussger, Daniel; Giri, Samir; Muhsal, Linea K.; Ona, Leonardo; Kost, Christian 
2019Selective advantages favour high genomic AT-contents in intracellular elementsDietel, Anne-Kathrin; Merker, Holger; Kaltenpoth, Martin; Kost, Christian 
2017Symbiont Acquisition and Replacement as a Source of Ecological InnovationSudakaran, S.; Kost, C. ; Kaltenpoth, M.
2021Synergistic coevolution accelerates genome evolutionPreussger, Daniel; Herbig, Alexander; Kost, Christian 
2023What do you most want to understand about how collective features emerge in microbial communities?Segre, Daniel; Mitri, Sara; Shou, Wenying; Suel, Gurol M.; Mizrahi, Itzhak; Kelly, Libusha; Rebolleda-Gomez, Maria; Ratzke, Christoph; Ogbunugafor, C. Brandon; Schwartzman, Julia A.; Kryazhimskiy, Sergey; Leventhal, Gabriel E.; Kost, Christian ; Bell, Thomas