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2023Associations between the implementation of telework strategies and job performance: Moderating influences of boundary management preferences and telework experienceHaertel, Tobias M.; Huettemann, Dominik; Mueller, Julia 
2023Asymmetric heterogeneities and the role of transfers in a public goods experimentKoessler, Ann-Kathrin; Mueller, Julia ; Zitzelsberger, Sonja
2021How to Prevent Destruction – On the Malleability of Anti-Social BehaviorMüller, Julia ; Schwieren, Christiane; Spitzer, Florian
2020Identifying Leadership Skills Required in the Digital AgeKlus, Milan Frederik; Müller, Julia 
2019The Digital Leader: What One Needs to Master Today's Organisational ChallengesKlus, Milan Frederik; Müller, Julia 
2021The digital leader: what one needs to master today's organisational challengesKlus, M.F.; Müller, J. 
2021The persistence of political myths and ideologiesApolte, T.; Müller, J.