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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Relevance of Individual Numerically Simulated Head-Related Transfer Functions for Different Applications in Virtual EnvironmentsOehler, M. ; Costa, M.D.V.M.D.; Regener, M.; Voong, T.M.
2019Relevance of stimuli and test environment in the perceptual evaluation of car audio systemsDeutsch, Thomas; Reimes, Jan; Fiebig, Andre; Oehler, Michael 
2017Saliency of environmental soundsVon Umweltgeräuschen, S.; Selzer, J.; Augustin, S.; Becker-Schweitzer, J.; Skoda, S.; Oehler, M. 
2018Sound radiation of musical instruments in VR applicationsVoong, T.M.; Oehler, M. 
2022Suitability of Bone Conduction Headphones for Virtual Acoustic EnvironmentsVoong, T.M.; Costa, M.D.V.M.D.; Regener, M.; Reuter, C.; Oehler, M. 
2022The Sound of Bells in Data Cells – Perceived Quality and Pleasantness of Church Bell ChimesReuter, Christoph W. M.; Plitzner, Michael; Roos, Marik; Czedik-Eysenberg, Isabella; Weber, Veronika; Siddiq, Saleh; Oehler, Michael ; Rupp, Andreas
2019Tournament formats as method for determining best-fitting HRTF profilesVoong, T.M.; Oehler, M.