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2021Gadolinium as an accelerator for reaching thermal equilibrium and its influence on the ground state of Dy2GdN@C-80 single-molecule magnetsKostanyan, Aram ; Schlesier, Christin ; Westerstrom, Rasmus ; Dreiser, Jan ; Fritz, Fabian ; Buechner, Bernd; Popov, Alexey A. ; Piamonteze, Cinthia; Greber, Thomas
2017Nanoscale x-ray investigation of magnetic metallofullerene peapodsFritz, Fabian ; Westerstrom, Rasmus ; Kostanyan, Aram ; Schlesier, Christin ; Dreiser, Jan ; Watts, Benjamin ; Houben, Lothar ; Luysberg, Martina ; Avdoshenko, Stanislav M. ; Popov, Alexey A. ; Schneider, Claus M.; Meyer, Carola 
2018Partial magnetic ordering in one-dimensional arrays of endofullerene single-molecule magnet peapodsAvdoshenko, Stanislav M. ; Fritz, Fabian ; Schlesier, Christin ; Kostanyan, Aram ; Dreiser, Jan ; Luysberg, Martina ; Popov, Alexey A. ; Meyer, Carola ; Westerstrom, Rasmus