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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Monomeric and Dimeric Conformation of the Vinculin Tail Five-Helix Bundle in Solution Studied by EPR SpectroscopyAbe, Christoph; Dietrich, Franziska; Gajula, Prasad; Benz, Monique; Vogel, Klaus-Peter; van Gastel, Maurice; Illenberger, Susanne; Ziegler, Wolfgang H.; Steinhoff, Heinz-Juergen 
2012Orientation selective DEER measurements on vinculin tail at X-band frequencies reveal spin label orientationsAbe, Christoph; Klose, Daniel ; Dietrich, Franziska; Ziegler, Wolfgang H.; Polyhach, Yevhen; Jeschke, Gunnar; Steinhoff, Heinz-Juergen 
2007Synthesis of new paramagnetic fatty acids and lipophilic spin labelsBalog, Maria; Abe, Christoph; Kalai, Tamas; Steinhoff, Heinz-Juergen ; Jeko, Jozsef; Hideg, Kalman