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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Seed-coat microsculpturing and its systematic application in Isatis (Brassicaceae) and allied genera in IranMoazzeni, Hamid; Zarre, Shahin; Al-Shehbaz, Ihsan A.; Mummenhoff, Klaus 
2006Toward a global phylogeny of the BrassicaceaeBailey, C. Donovan; Koch, Marcus A.; Mayer, Michael; Mummenhoff, Klaus ; O'Kane, Jr., Steve L.; Warwick, Suzanne I.; Windham, Michael D.; Al-Shehbaz, Ihsan A.
2017Tribal assignment of Heldreichia Boiss. (Brassicaceae): evidence from nuclear ITS and plastidic ndhF markersOzudogru, Baris; Al-Shehbaz, Ihsan A.; Mummenhoff, Klaus 
2012Whole-genome triplication and species radiation in the southern African tribe Heliophileae (Brassicaceae)Mandakova, Terezie; Mummenhoff, Klaus ; Al-Shehbaz, Ihsan A.; Mucina, Ladislav; Muehlhausee, Andreas; Lysak, Martin A.