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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Morphological and chemical characterization of thin heteroepitaxial praseodymium sesquioxide films on Si(111)Schaefer, Andreas T.; Zielasek, Volkmar; Baeumer, Marcus; Schmidt, Thomas J.; Falta, Jens; Sandell, Anders; Wollschlaeger, Joachim 
2012Stoichiometry-structure correlation of epitaxial Ce1-xPrxO2-delta (X=0-1) thin films on Si(111)Zoellner, Marvin Hartwig; Zaumseil, Peter; Wilkens, Henrik ; Gevers, Sebastian; Wollschlaeger, Joachim ; Baeumer, Marcus; Xie, Ya-Hong; Niu, Gang; Schroeder, Thomas