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2018A comprehensive implementation of conceptual spacesBechberger, L.; Kühnberger, K.-U. 
2017A Thorough Formalization of Conceptual SpacesBechberger, L.; Kühnberger, K.-U. 
2020Analyzing Psychological Similarity Spaces for ShapesBechberger, L.; Scheibel, M.
2021Concepts in Action: IntroductionBechberger, L.; Liu, M. 
2019Formalized Conceptual Spaces with a Geometric Representation of CorrelationsBechberger, L.; Kühnberger, K.-U. 
2021Generalizing Psychological Similarity Spaces to Unseen Stimuli: Combining Multidimensional Scaling with Artificial Neural NetworksBechberger, L.; Kühnberger, K.-U. 
2019Mapping images to psychological similarity spaces using neural networksBechberger, L.; Kypridemou, E.
2017Measuring relations between concepts in conceptual spacesBechberger, L.; Kühnberger, K.-U. 
2021Numerical Concepts in ContextGega, P.; Liu, M. ; Bechberger, L.
2021Towards conceptual logic tensor networksBechberger, L.
2017Towards grounding conceptual spaces in neural representationsBechberger, L.; Kühnberger, K.-U.