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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Fear memories and extinction memories : neurophysiological indicators and the role of estradiol and extinction timingBierwirth, Philipp
2023Oscillatory and non-oscillatory brain activity reflects fear expression in an immediate and delayed fear extinction taskBierwirth, Philipp; Antov, Martin I. I.; Stockhorst, Ursula 
2021Phase-synchronized stimulus presentation augments contingency knowledge and affective evaluation in a fear conditioning task.Plog, Elena; Antov, Martin I.; Bierwirth, Philipp; Keil, Andreas; Stockhorst, Ursula 
2021Prefrontal Theta Oscillations Are Modulated by Estradiol Status During Fear Recall and Extinction RecallBierwirth, Philipp; Sperl, Matthias F. J.; Antov, Martin I.; Stockhorst, Ursula 
2022Role of noradrenergic arousal for fear extinction processes in rodents and humansBierwirth, Philipp; Stockhorst, Ursula 
2020Visuocortical tuning to a threat-related feature persists after extinction and consolidation of conditioned fearAntov, Martin I.; Plog, Elena; Bierwirth, Philipp; Keil, Andreas; Stockhorst, Ursula