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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022The interplay between BAX and BAK tunes apoptotic pore growth to control mitochondrial-DNA-mediated inflammationCosentino, Katia ; Hertlein, Vanessa; Jenner, Andreas; Dellmann, Timo; Gojkovic, Milos; Pena-Blanco, Aida; Dadsena, Shashank; Wajngarten, Noel; Danial, John S. H.; Thevathasan, Jervis Vermal; Mund, Markus; Ries, Jonas; Garcia-Saez, Ana J.
2019Unraveling the molecular mechanisms of ceramide-induced mitochondrial apoptosisDadsena, Shashank
2019Unraveling the molecular principles by which ceramides commit cells to deathDadsena, Shashank; Hassan, Dina G.; Holthuis, Joost C. M.