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2004Angular and wavelength selectivity of parasitic holograms in cerium doped strontium barium niobateEllabban, MA; Fally, M; Imlau, M ; Woike, T; Rupp, RA; Granzow, T
2006Holographic light scattering in centrosymmetric sodium nitroprusside upon generation of light-induced metastable statesImlau, M ; Fally, M; Weisemoeller, T; Schaniel, D
2002Light-induced extinction originating from holographic scatteringImlau, M ; Woike, T; Schaniel, D; Schefer, J; Fally, M; Rupp, RA
1999Neutron diffraction from thermally fixed gratings in photorefractive lithium niobate crystalsNee, I; Buse, K; Havermeyer, F; Rupp, RA; Fally, M; May, RP
2004Specific recording kinetics as a general property of unconventional photorefractive mediaFally, M; Imlau, M ; Rupp, RA; Ellabban, MA; Woike, T