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2010Acute Acidification of Stratum Corneum Membrane Domains Using Polyhydroxyl Acids Improves Lipid Processing and Inhibits Degradation of CorneodesmosomesHachem, Jean-Pierre; Roelandt, Truus; Schuerer, Nanna ; Pu, Xu; Fluhr, Joachim; Giddelo, Christina; Man, Mao-Qiang; Crumrine, Debra; Roseeuw, Diane; Feingold, Kenneth R.; Mauro, Theodora; Elias, Peter M.
2009pH-Regulated Mechanisms Account for Pigment-Type Differences in Epidermal Barrier FunctionGunathilake, Roshan; Schurer, Nanna Y.; Shoo, Brenda A.; Celli, Anna; Hachem, Jean-Pierre; Crumrine, Debra; Sirimanna, Ganga; Feingold, Kenneth R.; Mauro, Theodora M.; Elias, Peter M.
2006Serine protease signaling of epidermal permeability barrier homeostasisHachem, Jean-Pierre; Houben, Evi; Crumrine, Debra; Man, Mao-Quiang; Schurer, Nanna ; Roelandt, Truus; Choi, Eung H.; Uchida, Yoshikazu; Brown, Barbara E.; Feingold, Kenneth R.; Elias, Peter M.