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2002Atom lithography with a holographic light maskMutzel, M; Tandler, S; Haubrich, D; Meschede, D; Peithmann, K; Flaspohler, M; Buse, K
2000Investigation of small polarons in reduced iron-doped lithium-niobate crystals by non-steady-state photocurrent techniquesPeithmann, K; Korneev, N; Flaspohler, M; Buse, K; Kratzig, E
2000Light-induced charge-transport properties of photorefractive barium-calcium-titanate crystals doped with rhodiumVeenhuis, H; Borger, T; Peithmann, K; Flaspohler, M; Buse, K; Pankrath, R; Hesse, H; Kratzig, E