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1996Degree of covalency of LiCoO2: X-ray emission and photoelectron studyGalakhov, VR; Kurmaev, EZ; Uhlenbrock, S; Neumann, M; Kellerman, DG; Gorshkov, VS
2000Electronic structure of LiMnO2: X-ray emission and photoelectron spectra and band structure calculationsGalakhov, VR; Korotin, MA; Ovechkina, NA; Kurmaev, EZ; Gorshkov, VS; Kellerman, DG; Bartkowski, S; Neumann, M
2002Electronic structure, X-ray spectra, and magnetic properties of the LiCoO2-delta and NaxCoO2 nonstoichiometric oxidesGalakhov, VR; Karelina, VV; Kellerman, DG; Gorshkov, VS; Ovechkina, NA; Neumann, M
1997Magnetic properties of the double oxide LiMnO2Kellerman, DG; Gorshkov, VS; Zubkov, VG; Perelyaev, VA; Galakhov, VR; Kurmaev, EZ; Uhlenbrock, S; Neumann, M