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2006Dispersion of the electro-optic properties of cerium-doped Sr0.61Ba0.39Nb2O6Imlau, Mirco ; Bastwoeste, Kathrin; Moeller, Stefan; Voelker, Uwe; Goulkov, Mikhail
2007Fixed index gratings in LiNbO3 : Fe upon long-term exposure to an intense laser beamDieckmann, Volker; Selinger, Andreas; Imlau, Mirco ; Goulkov, Mikhail
2008Thickness dependence of photo-induced light scattering in photorefractive ferroelectricsGoulkov, Mikhail; Bastwoeste, Kathrin; Moeller, Stefan; Imlau, Mirco ; Woehlecke, Manfred