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1996Analysis of oxyanion (BO33-, CO32-, SO42-, PO43-, SeO44-) substitution in Y123 compounds studied by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopyKurmaev, EZ; Fedorenko, VV; Galakhov, VR; Bartkowski, S; Uhlenbrock, S; Neumann, M; Slater, PR; Greaves, C; Miyazaki, Y
2000Electronic structure of FeCr2S4 and Fe0.5Cu0.5Cr2S4Kurmaev, EZ; Postnikov, AV; Palmer, HM; Greaves, C; Bartkowski, S; Tsurkan, V; Demeter, M; Hartmann, D; Neumann, M; Zatsepin, DA; Galakhov, VR; Shamin, SN; Trofimova, V
1997Synthesis, structure, and XPS characterization of the stoichiometric phase Sr2CuO2F2Kissick, JL; Greaves, C; Edwards, PP; Cherkashenko, VM; Kurmaev, EZ; Bartkowski, S; Neumann, M
1996X-ray emission and photoelectron spectra, and the location of fluorine atoms in strontium and calcium copper oxyfluoridesKurmaev, EZ; Elokhina, LV; Fedorenko, VV; Bartkowski, S; Neumann, M; Greaves, C; Edwards, PP; Slater, PR; Francesconi, MG