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2014An oral vaccine for type 1 diabetes based on live attenuated SalmonellaHusseiny, Mohamed I.; Rawson, Jeffrey; Kaye, Alexander; Nair, Indu; Todorov, Ivan; Hensel, Michael ; Kandeel, Fouad; Ferreri, Kevin
2010Efficacy of Intracellular Activated Promoters for Generation of Salmonella-Based VaccinesXu, Xin; Husseiny, Mohamed I.; Goldwich, Andreas; Hensel, Michael 
2021Oral Salmonella msbB Mutant as a Carrier for a Salmonella-Based Vaccine for Prevention and Reversal of Type 1 DiabetesCobb, Jacob; Rawson, Jeffrey; Gonzalez, Nelson; Hensel, Michael ; Kandeel, Fouad; Husseiny, Mohamed I.