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2011Novel Compounds with a Viologen Skeleton and N-Heterocycles on the Peripheries: Electrochemical and Spectroscopic PropertiesAsaftei, Simona; Lepadatu, Ana Maria; Ciobanu, Marius
2014Recycling of EPDM Rubber Waste Powder by Activation with liquid PolymersLepadatu, Ana Maria; Asaftei, Simona; Vennemann, Norbert
2012Thermotropic ionic liquid crystals by molecular assembly and ion pairing of 4,4 `-bipyridinium derivatives and tris(dodecyloxy)benzenesulfonates in a non-polar solventAsaftei, Simona; Ciobanu, Marius; Lepadatu, Ana Maria; Song, Enfeng; Beginn, Uwe