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2009High-Affinity Labeling and Tracking of Individual Histidine-Tagged Proteins in Live Cells Using Ni2+ Tris-nitrilotriacetic Acid Quantum Dot ConjugatesRoullier, Victor; Clarke, Samuel; You, Changjiang ; Pinaud, Fabien; Gouzer, Geraldine; Schaible, Dirk; Marchi-Artzner, Valerie; Piehler, Jacob ; Dahan, Maxime
2009Role of Membrane Domains in Interferon Receptor Signaling: a Single-molecule StudyPezzarossa, Anna; Schaible, Dirk; Meckel, Tobias; Piehler, Jacob ; Schmidt, Thomas
2010Self-Controlled Monofunctionalization of Quantum Dots for Multiplexed Protein Tracking in Live CellsYou, Changjiang ; Wilmes, Stephan; Beutel, Oliver; Loechte, Sara; Podoplelowa, Yulia; Roder, Friedrich; Richter, Christian; Seine, Thomas; Schaible, Dirk; Uze, Gilles; Clarke, Samuel; Pinaud, Fabien; Dahan, Maxime; Piehler, Jacob