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2005Comment on ``Theoretical study of the photoinduced transfer among the ground state and two metastable states in [Fe(CN)(5)NO](2-)'' [J. Chem. Phys. 122, 074314 (2005)]Schaniel, D; Woike, T; Delley, B; Schefer, J; Imlau, M 
2005Evidence for light-induced hole polarons in LiNbO3Herth, P; Granzow, T; Schaniel, D; Woike, T; Imlau, M ; Kratzig, E
2005Evidence of four light-induced metastable states in iron-nitrosyl complexesSchaniel, D; Woike, T; Tsankov, L; Imlau, M 
2006Holographic light scattering in centrosymmetric sodium nitroprusside upon generation of light-induced metastable statesImlau, M ; Fally, M; Weisemoeller, T; Schaniel, D
2002Light-induced absorption changes by excitation of metastable states in Na-2[Fe(CN)(5)NO]2H(2)O single crystalsSchaniel, D; Schefer, J; Delley, B; Imlau, M ; Woike, T
2002Light-induced extinction originating from holographic scatteringImlau, M ; Woike, T; Schaniel, D; Schefer, J; Fally, M; Rupp, RA
2004Light-induced metastable states in oxalatenitrosylruthenium(II) and terpyridinenitrosylruthenium(II) complexesFerlay, S; Schmalle, HW; Francese, G; Stoeckli-Evans, H; Imlau, M ; Schaniel, D; Woike, T
2003Light-induced structural changes by excitation of metastable states in Na-2[Fe(CN)(5)NO]2H(2)O single crystalsSchaniel, D; Schefer, J; Imlau, M ; Woike, T
2004Photocrystallography at TriCS/SINQ: light-induced structural changes in Na-2[Fe(CN)(5)NO]2H(2)OSchefer, J; Schaniel, D; Woike, T; Imlau, M 
2005Polarons generated by laser pulses in doped LiNbO3Herth, P; Schaniel, D; Woike, T; Granzow, T; Imlau, M ; Kratzig, E
2002Superspace approach applied to a neutron-diffraction study of the holographic data storage material Sr0.61Ba0.39Nb2O6Schaniel, D; Schefer, J; Petricek, V; Imlau, M ; Pankrath, R; Granzow, T; Woike, T
2005Transient kinetics of light-induced metastable states in single crystals and aqueous solutions of Na-2[Fe(CN)(5)NO]center dot 2H(2)OSchaniel, D; Woike, T; Merschjann, C; Imlau, M 
2004Valence-sensitive determination of Cr3+ and Ce3+ concentration in doped Sr0.61Ba0.39Nb2O6 from magnetization studies and paramagnetic relaxation of Ce3+Schaniel, D; Woike, T; Weckwerth, G; Schefer, J; Imlau, M ; Wohlecke, M; Pankrath, R