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2010Increase in productivity of technical customer services through intelligent mobile assistance systems [Produktivitätssteigerung technischer kundendienstleistungen durch intelligente mobile assistenzsysteme]Blinn, N.; Nüttgens, M.; Fellmann, M.; Thomas, O. ; Schlicker, M.
2009IT-supported value-added chains for the integration of products and servicesThomas, O. ; Walter, P.; Blinn, N.; Schlicker, M.
2010Process-oriented information modeling and exchange paradigm for the support of complex after sales services with mobile technologies: A case study in the German machine and plant construction industryBlinn, N.; Nüttgens, M.; Dollmann, T.; Thomas, O. ; Loos, P.; Schlicker, M.
2011Supporting technical customer services with mobile devices: Towards an integrated information system architectureFellmann, M.; Hucke, S.; Breitschwerdt, R.; Thomas, O. ; Blinn, N.; Schlicker, M.
2013Towards a mobile technical customer service support platformFellmann, M.; Özcan, D.; Matijacic, M.; Däuble, G.; Schlicker, M.; Thomas, O. ; Nüttgens, M.