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2012A sensorimotor account of visual attention in natural behaviourSchumann, Frank
2009Distinct Roles for Eye and Head Movements in Selecting Salient Image Parts during Natural ExplorationEinhaeuser, Wolfgang; Schumann, Frank; Vockeroth, Johannes; Bartl, Klaus; Cerf, Moran; Harel, Jonathan; Schneider, Erich; Koenig, Peter 
2009Effects of luminance contrast and its modifications on fixation behavior during free viewing of images from different categoriesAcik, Alper ; Onat, Selim ; Schumann, Frank; Einhaeuser, Wolfgang; Koenig, Peter 
2009Eye-Head Coordination during Free Exploration in Human and CatEinhaeuser, Wolfgang; Moeller, Gudrun U.; Schumann, Frank; Conradt, Joerg; Vockeroth, Johannes; Bard, Klaus; Schneider, Erich; Koenig, Peter 
2009Gaze allocation in natural stimuli: Comparing free exploration to head-fixed viewing conditions`t Hart, Bernard Marius; Vockeroth, Johannes; Schumann, Frank; Bartl, Klaus; Schneider, Erich; Koenig, Peter ; Einhaeuser, Wolfgang
2007Human eye-head co-ordination in natural explorationEinhaeuser, Wolfgang; Schumann, Frank; Bardins, Stanislavs; Bartl, Klaus; Boening, Guido; Schneider, Erich; Koenig, Peter 
2016Learning New Sensorimotor Contingencies: Effects of Long-Term Use of Sensory Augmentation on the Brain and Conscious PerceptionKoenig, Sabine U.; Schumann, Frank; Keyser, Johannes ; Goeke, Caspar; Krause, Carina; Wache, Susan; Lytochkin, Aleksey; Ebert, Manuel; Brunsch, Vincent; Wahn, Basil ; Kaspar, Kai ; Nagel, Saskia K.; Meilinger, Tobias; Buelthoff, Heinrich; Wolbers, Thomas; Buechel, Christian; Koenig, Peter 
2014Physiological changes through sensory augmentation in path integration: an fMRI studyWache, Susan; Keyser, Johannes ; Koenig, Sabine U.; Schumann, Frank; Wolbers, Thomas; Buechel, Christian; Koenig, Peter 
2012Properties and mechanisms of sensory enhancementKönig, Sabine U.; Brunsch; Ebert, M; Fleck, S; Gameiro, Ricardo Ramos; Gasse, S; Goeke, Caspar; Hanke-Uhe, M; Kaspar, Kai ; Keyser, Johannes ; Krause, C; Lytochkin, A; Muil, R; Numonov, A; Sieveritz, Bianca; Schmitz, M; Wache, S; Nagel, Saskia K.; Schumann, Frank; Meilinger, Tobias; Bülthoff, Heinrich H.; Wolbers, Thomas; Büchel, Christian; König, Peter 
2008Salient features in gaze-aligned recordings of human visual input during free exploration of natural environmentsSchumann, Frank; Einhaeuser-Treyer, Wolfgang; Vockeroth, Johannes; Bartl, Klaus; Schneider, Erich; Koenig, Peter 
2014The Contributions of Image Content and Behavioral Relevancy to Overt AttentionOnat, Selim ; Acik, Alper ; Schumann, Frank; Koenig, Peter 
2015Visual Search in the Real World: Color Vision Deficiency Affects Peripheral Guidance, but Leaves Foveal Verification Largely UnaffectedKugler, Guenter; `t Hart, Bernard M.; Kohlbecher, Stefan; Bartl, Klaus; Schumann, Frank; Einhaeuser, Wolfgang; Schneider, Erich