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2000Homogeneous freezing nucleation rates and crystallization dynamics of single levitated sulfuric acid solution dropletsVortisch, H; Kramer, B; Weidinger, I; Woste, L; Leisner, T; Schwell, M; Baumgartel, H; Ruhl, E
1996Homogeneous ice nucleation observed in single levitated micro dropletsKramer, B; Schwell, M; Hubner, O; Vortisch, H; Leisner, T; Ruhl, E; Baumgartel, H; Woste, L
2000Uptake dynamics and diffusion of HCl in sulfuric acid solution measured in single levitated microdropletsSchwell, M; Baumgartel, H; Weidinger, I; Kramer, B; Vortisch, H; Woste, L; Leisner, T; Ruhl, E