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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Local order changes induced in calcium-sodium-phosphate glasses by transition metalsSimon, V.; Muresan, D.; Takacs, A. F.; Neumann, M.; Simon, S.
2006Magnetic and electronic properties of the iron-containing polyoxotungstate [Fe-4(H2O)(10)(beta-SbW9O33)(2)](6-)Prinz, M.; Takacs, A. F.; Schnack, J. ; Balasz, I.; Burzo, E.; Kortz, U.; Kuepper, K.; Neumann, M.
2006X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and magnetism of Mn-Pd alloysColdea, M.; Neumann, M.; Chiuzbaian, S. G.; Pop, V.; Pascut, L. G.; Isnard, O.; Takacs, A. F.; Pacurariu, R.
2007XPS study on silica-bismuthate glasses and glass ceramicsSimon, V.; Todea, M.; Takacs, A. F.; Neumann, M.; Simon, S.