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1999Dichroism in angular resolved VUV-photoemission from the (0001) surfaces of thin Gd and Nd films epitaxially grown on W(110)Fecher, GH; Braun, J; Cherepkov, NA; Chernysheva, LV; Jentzsch, T; Morais, J; Oelsner, A; Ostertag, C; Paul, J; Ufer, H; Schonhense, G
1996Electronic structure investigations of the Gd(Al(1-x)M(x))(2) Laves phase system with M=V,TiChelkowska, G; Ufer, H; Borstel, G; Neumann, M
1997Photoemission investigation for GdCuLachnitt, J; Ufer, H; Karla, I; Neumann, M; Braun, J; Borstel, G