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1997Interaction of slow multicharged ions with solid surfacesArnau, A; Aumayr, F; Echenique, PM; Grether, M; Heiland, W; Limburg, J; Morgenstern, R; Roncin, P; Schippers, S; Schuch, R; Stolterfoht, N; Varga, P; Zouros, TJM; Winter, HP
1996Subsurface islands and superstructures of Cu on Pb(111)Nagl, C; Platzgummer, E; Schmid, M; Varga, P; Speller, S; Heiland, W
1998Unreconstructed Au(100) monolayers on a Au3Pd(100) single-crystal surfaceAschoff, M; Speller, S; Kuntze, J; Heiland, W; Platzgummer, E; Schmid, M; Varga, P; Baretzky, B