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2012A general scoring ruleGaertner, Wulf; Xu, Yongsheng
2008A new class of measures of the standard of living based on functioningsGaertner, Wulf; Xu, Yongsheng
2005A New Measure of the Standard of Living Based on FunctioningsGaertner, Wulf; Xu, Yongsheng
2019Against the proportionality principle: Experimental findings on bargaining over lossesGaertner, Wulf; Bradley, Richard; Xu, Yongsheng; Schwettmann, Lars
2017An Experimental Game of Loss SharingGaertner, Wulf; Schwettmann, Lars; Xu, Yongsheng
2008Individual Choices in a Non-Consequentialist Framework: A Procedural ApproachGaertner, Wulf; Xu, Yongsheng
2020Loss sharing: Characterizing a new class of rulesGaertner, Wulf; Xu, Yongsheng
2003Measuring the Standard of Living: Uncertainty about Its DevelopmentGaertner, Wulf; Xu, Yongsheng
1999On Rationalizability of Choice Functions: A Characterization of the MedianGaertner, Wulf; Xu, Yongsheng
1999On The Structure Of Choice Under Different External ReferencesGaertner, Wulf; Xu, Yongsheng
2011Reference-dependent rankings of sets in characteristics spaceGaertner, Wulf; Xu, Yongsheng