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2023Ferroptosis-Protective Membrane Domains in QuiescenceMegarioti, Amalia H.; Athanasopoulos, Alexandros; Koulouris, Dimitrios; Esch, Bianca M.; Makridakis, Manousos; Lygirou, Vasiliki; Samiotaki, Martina; Zoidakis, Jerome; Sophianopoulou, Vicky; André, Bruno; Fröhlich, Florian ; Gournas, Christos
2020Uptake of endogenous serine is important to maintain sphingolipid homeostasis in Saccharomyces cerevisiaeEsch, Bianca M.; Limar, Sergej; Bogdanowski, André; Gournas, Christos; More, Tushar H.; Sundag, Celine; Walter, Stefan; Heinisch, Jürgen J.; Ejsing, Christer S.; André, Bruno; Fröhlich, Florian