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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021A Computational Framework for Modeling Complex Sensor Network Data Using Graph Signal Processing and Graph Neural Networks in Structural Health Monitoring.Bloemheuvel, Stefan; van den Hoogen, Jurgen; Atzmueller, Martin
2020A Conceptual View on the Design and Properties of Explainable AI Systems for Legal Settingsvan Otterlo, Martijn; Atzmueller, Martin
2023A Neuro-Symbolic Approach for Anomaly Detection and Complex Fault Diagnosis Exemplified in the Automotive DomainBohne, Tim; Windler, Anne-Kathrin Patricia; Atzmueller, Martin
2023Active-learning-driven deep interactive segmentation for cost-effective labeling of crop-weed image dataSikouonmeu, Freddy; Atzmueller, Martin
2023Advanced Analytics on Complex Industrial Datavan den Hoogen, Jurgen; Bloemheuvel, Stefan; Atzmueller, Martin
2022Assessing the Influence of Time on Features for the Prediction of User DropoutShayan, Parisa; Atzmueller, Martin; Van Zaanen, Menno
2021Classifying Multivariate Signals in Rolling Bearing Fault Detection Using Adaptive Wide-Kernel CNNsvan den Hoogen, Jurgen; Bloemheuvel, Stefan; Atzmueller, Martin
2022Comparing Human Haptic Perception and Robotic Force/Torque Sensing in a Simulated Surgical Palpation TaskMarkert, Timo; Matich, Sebastian; Hoerner, Elias; Pfannes, Jonas; Theissler, Andreas; Atzmueller, Martin
2021Constructing Global Coherence Representations: Identifying Interpretability and Coherences of Transformer Attention in Time Series DataSchwenke, Leonid; Atzmueller, Martin
2023Domain Transfer for Surface Defect Detection using Few-Shot Learning on Scarce DataGerschner, Felix; Paul, Jonas; Schmid, Lukas; Barthel, Nico; Gouromichos, Victor; Schmid, Florian; Atzmueller, Martin; Theissler, Andreas
2023Exploratory and Explanation-Aware Network Intrusion Profiling using Subgroup Discovery and Complex Network AnalysisAtzmueller, Martin; Sylvester, Sophia; Kanawati, Rushed
2023Graph construction on complex spatiotemporal data for enhancing graph neural network-based approachesBloemheuvel, Stefan; van den Hoogen, Jurgen; Atzmueller, Martin
2023Graph Neural Network-Based Measurement Inference on Irregular Sensor GeometriesAhmed, Martin Ben; Wilming, Niklas ; Atzmueller, Martin
2022Graph neural networks for multivariate time series regression with application to seismic dataBloemheuvel, Stefan; van den Hoogen, Jurgen; Jozinovic, Dario; Michelini, Alberto; Atzmueller, Martin
2023Hyperparameter analysis of wide-kernel CNN architectures in industrial fault detection: an exploratory studyvan den Hoogen, Jurgen; Hudson, Dan; Bloemheuvel, Stefan; Atzmueller, Martin
2023Identifying Informative Nodes in Attributed Spatial Sensor Networks Using Attention for Symbolic Abstraction in a GNN-based Modeling ApproachSchwenke, Leonid; Bloemheuvel, Stefan; Atzmueller, Martin
2023Leveraging Explainable AI Methods Towards Identifying Classification Issues on IDS DatasetsLanfer, Eric; Sylvester, Sophia; Aschenbruck, Nils; Atzmueller, Martin
2023Making Time Series Embeddings More Interpretable in Deep Learning: Extracting Higher-Level Features via Symbolic Approximation RepresentationsSchwenke, Leonid; Atzmueller, Martin
2021Many-Objective Optimization for Anomaly Detection on Multi-Layer Complex Interaction NetworksMaulana, Asep; Atzmueller, Martin
2021Mining communities and their descriptions on attributed graphs: a surveyAtzmueller, Martin; Guennemann, Stephan; Zimmermann, Albrecht