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1998A round robin experiment of elemental sensitivity factors in low-energy ion scatteringBrongersma, HH; Carrere-Fontaine, H; Cortenraad, R; van der Gon, AWD; Scanlon, PJ; Spolveri, I; Cortigiani, B; Bardi, U; Taglauer, E; Reiter, S; Labich, S; Bertrand, P; Houssiau, L; Speller, S; Parascandola, S; Unlu-Lachnitt, H; Heiland, W
2002Adsorption of oxygen on Pt3Sn studied by scanning tunneling microscopy and x-ray photoelectron diffractionHoheisel, M; Speller, S; Heiland, W; Atrei, A; Bardi, U; Rovida, G
1999Metastable and equilibrium structures on Pt3Sn(001) studied by STM, RHEED, LEED, and AESHoheisel, M; Kuntze, J; Speller, S; Postnikov, A; Heiland, W; Spolveri, I; Bardi, U
1998Reconstruction and dislocation network formation of the (111) surface of the ordered alloy Pt3SnKuntze, J; Speller, S; Heiland, W; Atrei, A; Spolveri, I; Bardi, U
2001Structure Pt3Sn(110) studied by scanning tunneling microscopyHoheisel, M; Speller, S; Kuntze, J; Atrei, A; Bardi, U; Heiland, W
1999Surface structure and composition of the alloy Au3Pd(100) determined by LEED and ion scattering spectroscopyKuntze, J; Speller, S; Heiland, W; Atrei, A; Rovida, G; Bardi, U
1999Surface structure and segregation profile of the alloy Au3Pd(110): Experiment and theoryKuntze, J; Speller, S; Heiland, W; Deurinck, P; Creemers, C; Atrei, A; Bardi, U
1999The Au3Pd(001) surface studied by ion scattering and LEEDSpeller, S; Aschoff, M; Kuntze, J; Heiland, W; Atrei, A; Bardi, U; Platzgummer, E