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2014A Coincidence Analysis of a Causal Chain The Swiss Minaret VoteBaumgartner, Michael; Epple, Ruedi
2013A Regularity Theoretic Approach to Actual CausationBaumgartner, Michael
2013Detecting Causal Chains in Small-n DataBaumgartner, Michael
2014Exhibiting interpretational and representational validityBaumgartner, Michael
2013Identifying intervention variablesBaumgartner, Michael; Drouet, Isabelle
2013Introduction to Special Issue on `Actual Causation'Baumgartner, Michael; Glynn, Luke
2017Is it possible to experimentally determine the extension of cognition?Baumgartner, Michael; Wilutzky, Wendy
2013Rendering Interventionism and Non-Reductive Physicalism CompatibleBaumgartner, Michael
2012The Logical Form of InterventionismBaumgartner, Michael