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2009Cooperative mechanism for anchoring highly polar molecules at an ionic surfaceSchuette, J.; Bechstein, R.; Rohlfing, M.; Reichling, M. ; Kuehnle, A.
2009Imaging perylene derivatives on rutile TiO2(110) by noncontact atomic force microscopySchuette, J.; Bechstein, R.; Rahe, P. ; Rohlfing, M.; Kuehnle, A.; Langhals, H.
2018Interpretation of KPFM data with the weight function for chargesSöngen, H.; Rahe, P. ; Bechstein, R.; Kühnle, A.
2008Repulsive interaction and contrast inversion in noncontact atomic force microscopy imaging of adsorbatesRahe, P. ; Bechstein, R.; Schuette, J.; Ostendorf, F.; Kuehnle, A.
2010Vertical and lateral drift corrections of scanning probe microscopy imagesRahe, P. ; Bechstein, R.; Kuehnle, A.