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2018Multi-color Localization Microscopy of Single Membrane Proteins in Organelles of Live Mammalian CellsAppelhans, Timo; Beinlich, Felix R. M.; Richter, Christian P.; Kurre, Rainer ; Busch, Karin B.
2015Shuttling of PINK1 between Mitochondrial Microcompartments Resolved by Triple-Color Superresolution MicroscopyBeinlich, Felix R. M.; Drees, Christoph; Piehler, Jacob ; Busch, Karin B.
2016The Parkinson’s disease related PINK1 Kinase shuttles through mitochondria during processing as revealed by superresolution microscopyBeinlich, Felix R. M.; Drees, Christoph; Busch, Karin B.