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2021A modular optical honeycomb breadboard realized with 3D-printable building bricks and industrial aluminum extrusionsToschke, Yannic; Bourdon, Bjoern; Berben, Dirk; Imlau, Mirco 
2019Absorption and Remission Characterization of Pure, Dielectric (Nano-)Powders Using Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy: An End-To-End InstructionBock, Serge; Kijatkin, Christian; Berben, Dirk; Imlau, Mirco 
2017Nonlinear Diffuse fs-Pulse Reflectometry of Harmonic Upconversion NanoparticlesKijatkin, Christian; Eggert, Juliane; Bock, Sergej; Berben, Dirk; Olah, Laura; Szaller, Zsuzsanna; Kis, Zsolt; Imlau, Mirco 
2002Nonvolatile holographic storage in lithium and copper in-diffused lithium niobate crystals using continuous-wave laser lightImbrock, Jörg; Wirp, A.; Kip, Detlef; Krätzig, E.; Berben, Dirk
2005Studies on the lifetime of small polarons in reduced nominally pure LiNbO 3 crystalsMerschjann, Christoph; Imlau, Mirco ; Berben, Dirk; Woehlecke, M.
1999<title>Lifetime of polarons in lithium-niobate crystals</title>Berben, Dirk; Buse, Karsten; Wevering, S.; Herth, P.; Woike, Theo; Krätzig, E.