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1999Fast in situ sizing technique for single levitated liquid aerosolsSteiner, B; Berge, B; Gausmann, R; Rohmann, J; Ruhl, E
2004Homogeneous nucleation of supersaturated KCI-solutions from single levitated microdropletsHamza, MA; Berge, B; Mikosch, W; Ruhl, E
1999In situ size determination of single levitated solid aerosolsBerge, B; Sudholz, K; Steiner, B; Rohmann, J; Ruhl, E
2000Raman study of the ordering in Sr(B ` Nb-0.5(0.5))O-3 compoundsRatheesh, R; Wohlecke, M; Berge, B; Wahlbrink, T; Haeuseler, H; Ruhl, E; Blachnik, R; Balan, P; Santha, N; Sebastian, MT