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1998Geographic classification of heavy metal concentrations in mosses and stream sediments in the Federal Republic of GermanyBerlekamp, J; Herpin, U; Matthies, M; Lieth, H; Markert, B; Weckert, V; Wolterbeek, B; Verburg, T; Zinner, HJ; Siewers, U
2001Georeferenced regional simulation and aquatic exposure assessmentMatthies, M; Berlekamp, J; Koormann, F; Wagner, JO
1998Risk hazard mapping of groundwater contamination using long-term monitoring data of shallow drinking water wellsFuest, S; Berlekamp, J; Klein, M; Matthies, M
1996The German heavy metal survey by means of mossesMarkert, B; Herpin, U; Siewers, U; Berlekamp, J; Lieth, H