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2008An empirical regression model of soluble phosphorus retention for small pristine streams evaluating tracer experimentsSchulz, Marcus; Bischoff, Maik; Klasmeier, Joerg ; Berlekamp, Juergen; Matthies, Michael
2019Future large hydropower dams impact global freshwater megafaunaZarfl, Christiane; Berlekamp, Juergen; He, Fengzhi; Jaehnig, Sonja C.; Darwall, William; Tockner, Klement
2023Geo-referenced simulations of <i>E. coli</i> in a sub-catchment of the Vecht River using a probabilistic approachNiebaum, Gunnar; Berlekamp, Juergen; Schmitt, Heike; Laemmchen, Volker; Klasmeier, Joerg 
2007Integration of MONERIS and GREAT-ER in the decision support system for the German Elbe river basinBerlekamp, Juergen; Lautenbach, Sven; Graf, Neil; Reimer, Silke; Matthies, Michael
2015Modeling the fate of down-the-drain chemicals in whole watersheds: New version of the GREAT-ER softwareKehrein, Nils; Berlekamp, Juergen; Klasmeier, Joerg 
2009Scenario analysis and management options for sustainable river basin management: Application of the Elbe DSSLautenbach, Sven; Berlekamp, Juergen; Graf, Neil; Seppelt, Ralf; Matthies, Michael