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1994A Generalized Sellmeier Equation For The Refractive Indices Of Lithium NiobateSchlarb, U.; Betzler, K.
2002Chemical bond analysis on second order nonlinear optical properties of Na2SeO4·H2SeO3·H 2OXue, D.; Betzler, K.; Hesse, H.; Ratajczak, H.
2007Compositional dependence of optical and vibrational properties of strontium barium niobate (SrxBa1-xNb2O6)David, C.; Tunyagi, A.; Betzler, K.; Woehlecke, M.
2011DFT-based ab initio study of structural and electronic properties of lithium fluorooxoborate LiB6O9F and experimentally observed second harmonic generationAndriyevsky, B.; Doll, K.; Cakmak, G.; Jansen, M.; Niemer, A.; Betzler, K.
2002Holographic and electric investigations of KTiOPO4 crystals used for second harmonic generationImlau, M. ; Jahn, A.; Nowack, H.; Betzler, K.; Krätzig, E.; Ostrowski, I.; Woike, T.
2000Influence of impurities on the second harmonic generation efficiency in KTiOPO4 crystals.Imlau, M. ; Betzler, K.; Kraetzig, E.; Woike, Th.
2009Investigating the domain-size dependent ferroelectric switching behaviour with k-space spectroscopyHeine, U.; Voelker, U.; Betzler, K.; Burianek, M.; Muehlberg, M.
2007K-space spectroscopy: Investigation of a size dependent phase transition behavior of ferroelectric domainsVoelker, U.; Heine, U.; Betzler, K.
2007k-spectra of the uniaxial relaxor ferroelectric SrxBa1-xNb2O6 (SBN)Voelker, U.; Heine, U.; Pankrath, R.; Betzler, K.
1994Non-Colinear Frequency Doubling In Lithium NiobateReichert, A.; Betzler, K.
1996REFRACTIVE INDICES OF ZN/IN-CO-DOPED LITHIUM NIOBATESchlarb, U.; Matzas, B.; Reichert, A.; Betzler, K.; Woehlecke, M.; Gather, B.; Volk, T.
2008Spectroscopy of Eu3+ ions in congruent strontium barium niobate crystalsAndresen, A.; Bahar, A. -N.; Conradi, D.; Oprea, I. -I.; Pankrath, R.; Voelker, U.; Betzler, K.; Wohlecke, M.; Caldino, U.; Martin, E.; Jaque, D.; Sole, J. Garcia