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2000Assessing long-range transport potential of persistent organic pollutantsBeyer, A; Mackay, D; Matthies, M; Wania, F; Webster, E
2005Comparing estimates of persistence and long-range transport potential among multimedia modelsFenner, K; Scheringer, M; MacLeod, M; Matthies, M; McKone, T; Stroebe, M; Beyer, A; Bonnell, M; Le Gall, AC; Klasmeier, J ; Mackay, D; Van De Meent, D; Pennington, D; Scharenberg, B; Suzuki, N; Wania, F
2001Comparing representations of the environmental spatial scale of organic chemicalsBeyer, A; Scheringer, M; Schulze, C; Matthies, M
2005Influence of distributional shape of substance parameters on exposure model outputLessmann, K; Beyer, A; Klasmeier, J ; Matthies, M
2001Long-range transport potential of semivolatile organic chemicals in coupled air-water systemsBeyer, A; Matthies, M
2004Probabilistic uncertainty analysis of the European Union System for the Evaluation of Substances multimedia regional distribution modelMatthies, M; Berding, V; Beyer, A
2003Role of vegetation on the overall persistence and long-range transport potentialMatthies, M; Beyer, A
2002Selecting internally consistent physicochemical properties of organic compoundsBeyer, A; Wania, F; Gouin, T; Mackay, D; Matthies, M
2003Temperature dependence of the characteristic travel distanceBeyer, A; Wania, F; Gouin, T; Mackay, D; Matthies, M